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Philadelphia-based Full Stack Developer and all around web nerd

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About Rachel

I'm an experienced Web Developer based out of Philadelphia, PA. When I'm not sitting at my computer I enjoy running, exploring new restaurants in Philly, and taking my dog on walks along the Schuylkill! Check out Linkedin for more more details on my education and work history.

  • HTML & CSS
  • SASS & CSS-in-JS
  • Typescript & Javascript
  • React
  • Angular
  • Node.js
  • Java
  • Python

Some Personal Projects

Historic Philly Twitter Bot

The City of Philadelphia has a great archive of historic Philly photos available at phillyhistory.org. I wrote a Twitter bot in Java that tweets random photos from the archive everyday.

Follow @HistoricPHL

Raspberry Pi Displays

I made a couple Raspberry Pi-powered e-ink desk displays. The main one, which I keep on my desk, is written with Python and Node.js and displays information like weather, news headlines, upcoming buses, and a word of the day!

More Info

Honeygrow Nutritional Calculator

I'm a big fan of the healthy fast food chain Honeygrow, but one of my pet peeves is how they don't have a user friendly interface for getting nutritional information. For years they've only posted static PDFs of the information. I decided this would be a good project to try out to improve my React skills.

Visit Honeygrow Nutrition

Philly COVID Info

I created a simple static site to display Philadelphia COVID-19 data. Build with plain old JS, Chart.js, and Bulma CSS.

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